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  • VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers – Cloud (Forge)




    1. Why Issue Pickers

    The VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers app in Jira cloud empowers you to design select-list fields. These lists are populated with Jira issues determined by your JQL criteria.

    This feature offers advantages beyond the conventional Issue Linking:

    • Tailor the list to show only specific issues: Filter by Project, Issue Type, Status, or any other field of your choice.

    • Use Issue Pickers as dynamic drop-down menus that users can manage with ease. They're perfect for categorizing locations, departments, subjects, and more.

    • Customize Issue Pickers to your liking. Decide on the details to display and whether users can pick one or multiple issues.

    • Enhance your workflow as Jira Automation can modify Issue Picker fields, broadening its range of applications.


    2. Why VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers

    We have developed 'Issue Pickers' as a component of our 'VIP.LEAN Advanced Links', which is documented here: Advanced Links. This application has been constructed utilizing Atlassian’s Connect Framework. Our 'VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers' amalgamate the invaluable experience we garnered from the initial application, integrating it with the advantages of the Forge Platform promoted by Atlassian. We also prioritize minimizing the limitations of our app, eliminating any unnecessary constraints to ensure an excellent user experience. That makes the difference to applications of competitors.


    VIP.LEAN Advanced Links

    VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers


    VIP.LEAN Advanced Links

    VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers

    App Hosting

    Hosted by VIP.LEAN Solution GmbH on our own server—Germany

    Hosted by Atlassian


    Implemented by VIP.LEAN Solution GmbH

    Implemented by Atlassian

    Logging Platform

    Implemented by VIP.LEAN Solution GmbH

    Provided by Atlassian

    Data residency


    Provided by Atlassian

    Limitation of option list

    Limited by Atlassian to 10.000 per context Field

    No Limitation (Tested with 20.000 options)

    Full support of project types



    Support of different JQL for different contexts


    Coming soon

    Support of restriction of options to current project



    Parallel management of issue pickers

    No (Rest API Limitations)


    Rest API Error handling


    Full support by Atlassian

    Paging of very long options list



    3. Example for using our app:

    1. Feature-Story Mapping: In agile projects, teams often break down features into multiple user stories. With Issue Picker, you can create a drop-down list in the user story issue type that lists all the features from the same project. This ensures that when a user creates a story, they can easily link it to its parent feature.

    2. Program Increment Planning: During PI planning, teams might want to assign features to specific PI’s. An Issue Picker can be set up to list all active sprints, allowing tasks to be quickly assigned to the desired sprint.

    3. Cross-Referencing Bugs: When logging a bug, it might be related to a specific user story or task. Using Issue Picker, you can create a field that lists all stories or tasks, making it easier to reference the origin of the bug.

    4. Departmental Tasks: In larger organizations, tasks might be specific to departments like Marketing, HR, or IT. An Issue Picker can list all departments, ensuring tasks are categorized correctly.

    5. Dependency Management: Some tasks or stories might be dependent on others. With Issue Picker, you can create a field that lists potential dependencies, ensuring that teams are aware of any linked tasks that need to be completed first.

    6. Version Release Management: When preparing for a software release, certain tasks or bugs might be targeted for specific versions. An Issue Picker can be set up to list all upcoming version releases, allowing for easy categorization.

    7. Customer Feedback Integration: If you're collecting customer feedback as issues in Jira, you can use Issue Picker to link feedback to specific features or products, ensuring that the product team can easily see relevant feedback when planning improvements.

    These are just a few examples, but the flexibility of the Issue Picker tool in Jira allows for countless configurations to suit various project management needs.