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    1. Why Create and Link ?

    Transform your Jira experience with our innovative new app, designed exclusively for streamlining your project management workflow. Our cutting-edge solution introduces customizable action buttons, fully tailored by Jira administrators to fit the unique needs and aesthetics of your team.

    Key Features:

    1. Custom-Design Your Workflow: Craft buttons that resonate with your project's theme and style. Whether you prefer sleek, modern designs or bold, attention-grabbing icons, our app empowers you to create buttons that align perfectly with your project's identity.

    2. Seamless Integration: Assign these buttons to specific projects and issue types. They blend seamlessly into your Jira view screen, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

    3. One-Click Issue Creation: With just a click, these buttons can initiate the creation of predefined issues from chosen projects. This feature dramatically reduces the time and effort involved in issue logging, ensuring that your team can focus on what matters most.

    4. Automatic Linking: Each action not only creates issues, but also intelligently links them to relevant tasks, streamlining the tracking and management process.

    Key Benefits:

    • Enhanced Efficiency: Our app significantly speeds up the issue creation and linking process, reducing manual efforts and saving valuable time.

    • Increased Productivity: By automating repetitive tasks, team members can concentrate on higher-level strategies and creative problem-solving.

    • Customized User Experience: Tailor your Jira interface to fit the unique workflow and aesthetic of your team, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

    • Streamlined Project Management: The ease of linking and tracking related issues simplifies project management, ensuring a smoother, more organized workflow.

    Elevate your Jira experience with our revolutionary app – designed for efficiency, tailored for your success. Experience a seamless, productive, and visually appealing Jira like never before!

    2. Examples for using Create and Link

    1. Create a Story and Link to a Feature: Clicking the button creates a new user story and automatically links it to a specified feature. This is ideal for agile teams looking to quickly expand their product backlog while maintaining clear connections to their overarching feature set.

    2. Report a Bug and Link to the Current TestCase: This button allows team members to report a new bug and instantly link it to the current test case.

    3. Initiate a Task and Connect to an Epic: Use this action to create a new task and automatically associate it with a pre-defined epic. This is particularly useful for large projects where tasks need to be consistently and clearly mapped to broader objectives.

    4. Generate a Sub-task and Link to a Parent Issue: For detailed project management, this button can create a sub-task and link it directly to its parent issue, ensuring a structured and organized approach to tackling complex tasks. Planned

    5. Log a Customer Issue and Associate with a Service Request: Ideal for service-oriented teams, this button can be used to log an issue raised by a customer and link it immediately to a relevant service request for prompt action.

    6. Submit a Change Request and Link to an Ongoing Initiative: Use this button to submit a change request and link it directly to an ongoing initiative, streamlining the process of managing and tracking changes in large projects.

    Each of these examples showcases the versatility and efficiency of the action buttons in your app, making it an invaluable tool for diverse project management needs.